• The problem with sexuality education is we don't have any Jul 26, 2016

    Cristi is 16 years old and he is passionate about skateboarding, programming and, surprisingly (!) - poetry. He has just graduated from the Gymnasium no. 53 in Chisinau.

  • Equality law empowers Moldovans to fight discrimination Jul 25, 2016

    Ion Mamaliga’s body jerks back and forth as his mother Valentina lifts him off the couch so that he can move closer to the window. She sits him down on a sun drenched bed that is covered with stuffed animals. He laughs and smiles.

  • What the girls want? Jul 22, 2016

    “My biggest dream is to be healthy, to have a successful career and to have a family”, says Alexandrina, a 16 years old girl from Helesteni, Nisporeni.

  • Photo essay: Life for Stela Savin, a Roma girl challenging gender stereotypes in Moldova Jul 19, 2016

    Stela Savin attends the eighth grade in Hînceşti, central Moldova, and her dream is to become a world boxing champion. She comes from a Roma family where she is the fifth of seven siblings. Her two older sisters had engaged in several sports themselves when they were younger but had to stop when they got married.

  • Making the most of migration in Moldova Jun 29, 2016

    Diana, a Moldovan native living in Oslo, Norway, has fond memories of her home and of her childhood. Despite her willingness to give back to her homeland, opportunities were lacking to engage in impactful activities that could improve the livelihoods of her loved ones.

  • Women Mayors from Moldova Learn How to Transform (Forgotten) Villages into a Dream Jun 17, 2016

    Whether they are at their first mandate, at the third or even at the sixth, women mayors from Moldova continue to learn day-by-day how to modernize and transform the communities they run into enviable places. And recently, 25 women mayors, from the central and southern part of the country, participated in a study tour to villages Palanca and Festelita, from Stefan Voda district, to see new models of best practice in communities` administration.

  • Photo contest in Moldova explores perceptions of gender equality Jun 2, 2016

    “Equality through lenses – Women and men” photo exhibits, seen by over 15,000, aims to raise awareness of gender equality among the youth.

  • With restored reservoirs, business blooms in rural Moldova May 23, 2016

    Moldova is one of the most agriculture-dependent countries in Europe, yet current water reserves are already classified as “insufficient”. Climate change forecasting predicts that available surface water will decrease by up to 20% by 2020, further endangering human health, the ecosystem and the economy.

  • Women leading the way to climate-resilience in Moldova Apr 11, 2016

    In the small town of Sîngerei, in northern Moldova, women have been trained to start sustainable businesses. The aim is to empower women and encourage equal participation in resilience-building activities, including training in climate-resilient farming practices.

  • Local businesses and town halls as development partners Apr 11, 2016

    Small and medium-sized enterprises make up the overwhelming majority (over 97 per cent) of businesses in the Republic of Moldova.

  • From where I stand: Laura Bosnea Apr 7, 2016

    When I was 21, my husband ‘stole’* me from my father. I was a student at the time. My father agreed, on one condition—if my husband would allow me to finish law school. But we ended up having two kids and I couldn’t complete my studies.

  • Lighting the way for climate-resilient energy in Moldova Mar 31, 2016

    In Moldova, climate change represents a serious threat to the energy sector. With higher temperatures, fluctuating rainfall, and an increasing number and severity of extreme weather events, climate impacts are decreasing the efficiency of power stations and pipelines, and compromising energy production and delivery.

  • In Moldova, a woman mayor is breaking stereotypes Mar 9, 2016

    At 31, Aliona Chircu is one of the youngest mayors in Moldova.

  • Water-Diana, the woman who started a municipal enterprise and brought water to four villages Mar 4, 2016

    How is life without water and sewage services, garbage disposal, street lighting, and practicable roads? In many Moldovan villages these basic services are still a luxury.

  • Once divided by a river, communities in Moldova come together Feb 23, 2016

    It has been more than two decades since the conflict in Transnistria tore apart communities living on both sides of the Nistru River, situated in the East of the Republic of Moldova. And although that era left many questions hanging, there are signs that both river banks are starting to regain confidence.