• Away from home, but volunteers Dec 5, 2016

    According to official estimates, more than a quarter of the workforce of Moldova currently lives and works abroad. Although migrants are a major source of income for the domestic economy, it is considered that massive exodus of people hinders the overall development of the country, and rural communities in particular.

  • Moldova: The Orhei National Park – from neglect to World Heritage recognition Nov 23, 2016

    Not long ago, the Republic of Moldova – lacking both mountains and coastlines - was considered to be bereft of tourist attractions. Even its own people did not really realize that there is an exceptional cultural-natural treasury right in the middle of the country, just 50 km from the capital city.

  • It takes a village: Pensioners demand justice in Moldova Nov 22, 2016

    Valentina Chernenchi is approaching retirement age but is worried about her pension. According to official records, she has another seven years of service, whereas in reality, she has been working for much longer.

  • Women Mayors from Moldova learn about models of good practices from the North of the country Oct 31, 2016

    30 women mayors and councillors in the first, second or third term from all over the country participated in the last study visit in Fundurii Vechi village, Glodeni district. This visit is the last in a series of exchanges of experience, aimed at strengthening the leadership skills of women mayors in local public administration.

  • Women Mayors Discover the Most Innovative Village in Moldova Oct 28, 2016

    Do you know which is the village from Moldova with most of the judo and sambo players? Or which is the first village that is part of the renewable energy programme? It is Chișcăreni village, from Sângerei district. And namely this village hosted a study visit for 20 women mayors and councilors from across the country.

  • Women Mayors from Moldova Discover New Best Practices in Local Public Administration Oct 20, 2016

    She is proud with a renovated kindergarten and a school, with a community center, a sports school, but also with other projects implemented that changed people's lives for the better. It is about Galina Ceban, woman mayor at her second mandate in the Chircăieşti village, Căușeni district, who hosted a study visit for 20 women mayors across the country.

  • Women Mayors Share Experiences in Colonița: “After this Study Visit, I don’t Regret that I Became a Mayor" Sep 30, 2016

    No matter how many mandates as mayor you have - either one, three or four – you always will learn something new in this profession. Guided by this quote in her life and career, Angela Zaporojan, women mayor in Colonita, hosted a study tour for 15 women mayors at their first mandate. In result, women mayors, who are from Criuleni, Drochia, Ungheni, Falesti, Leova, Cimislia districts, learned about the implemented projects that have changed the people`s live from Colonita village, but also what's the secret in attracting funds.

  • Women mayors from Moldova, determined to attract more investments in their localities Sep 23, 2016

    If you want to find out how to attract investments and successful projects in your community, then you must visit Calfa village from Anenii Noi district. So did 20 women mayors from Moldova, at their first or second mandate, who participated in a study visit to this village.

  • The Engine of Progress Rocking it at 66! Sep 2, 2016

    The Republic of Moldova, one of the poorest countries in Europe, is facing a deep demographic crisis, caused by migration and low birth rate accompanied by a high mortality rate.

  • Women Mayors from Moldova, in an Exchange of Experience in the Village where People Never Had to Leave Aug 25, 2016

    Are there in Moldova any villages where people are not leaving? Is there any rural community so popular with youth that it is swarming with playgrounds? It seems that there is at least one: its name is Sauca, in the Ocnita district, located 184 km north of Chisinau. In this village, 35 women mayors at their first or second mandate from the districts of Orhei, Floresti, Donduseni, Anenii Noi, Criuleni or Cimişlia came to visit and learn from a positive success story.

  • Summer school promotes empowerment of Roma girls in Moldova Aug 24, 2016

    A UN Women-supported summer school teaches Roma women and men about gender equality and their rights, and helps them set up projects to fight gender and ethnic stereotyping.

  • Women Mayors Take the "Pulse" of the Most Successful Localities from Moldova Aug 19, 2016

    From South to Center or from East to West, women mayors at their first, second or third mandate continue the exchanges of experience throughout the country. This time, 20 women mayors participated in a study visit in two localities from Moldova. “Armed” with the wish to learn different methods in public administration, they got to Center of the country, namely, in Scoreni village, Străşeni district, and Nimoreni village, from Ialoveni district.

  • Young volunteers take lead in sexuality education in Moldova Aug 17, 2016

    “The sexual and reproductive health issues have to be discussed more often with young people, since this would help them to avoid risky behaviors and to take informed decisions in the future”, says Doina, who is an 18 years old young volunteer at the Youth Friendly Health Centre from Calarasi town.

  • Moldovan youth bring green energy to their communities Aug 11, 2016

    Imagine a windmill that combines technologies used since the Middle Ages with the most modern research. It is efficient and doesn’t pollute the environment since it doesn’t produce CO2. Imagine it also saves money that would otherwise be spent on electricity.

  • Women Mayors from Moldova Discover the “Recipe for Success” in Managing Localities Jul 28, 2016

    The series of study visits of women mayors from Moldova, meant to inspire them in their daily work, continues. Nearly 30 women mayors, at their first or third mandate, arrived in two villages from Cahul district - Slobozia Mare and Văleni.