• Spreading the word: young people should benefit from free contraceptives in the Republic of Moldova May 23, 2017

    “Over the years, I’ve noticed a positive change in young people’s attitude towards their sexual and reproductive health and rights. They are less ashamed nowadays to claim quality sexual and reproductive healthcare services and claim their rights to be fulfilled in this regard”, says Dr. Svetlana Moroz, the Head of Youth Friendly Health Centre from Cimislia rayon of the Republic of Moldova.

  • Returning home: a little support for a safe reintegration May 1, 2017

    Valeriu Filimon from Coscalia, Causeni district, has spent a long period working abroad. Although married with two children, he used to return home only twice a year. Despite earning enough money to support his family, Valeriu felt that distance kept him away from his family.

  • In a small Moldovan town, birthing mothers can feel at peace Apr 14, 2017

    Aliona and Taras Jironkiny’s first daughter would be 12 today, had she survived the birth process. She died at the maternity ward in Slobozia, a small town in the east not at the time equipped to treat pneumonia in newborns.

  • “In the past, I used to hide my ethnicity. Now I hope that future generations will forget about these stereotypes.” Apr 9, 2017

    Every day, Olga Cebotari crosses her village in a wheelchair for three kilometers from her home to the day care center “Încredere”, and since the roads are in very poor conditions she feels unsafe most of the times.

  • Liubovi Kishevskaia – nursing patients for 47 years Mar 24, 2017

    Liubovi Chisevscaia has a wide smile, bright blue eyes and a particularly elegant way of holding her hands. She currently leads a team of several hundred nurses in the Mother and Child Healthcare Centre in Tiraspol, one of the biggest health institutions on the left bank of the Nistru River.

  • “Do not let circumstances defeat you” Victoria Luca’s Heart-wrenching Story Mar 23, 2017

    Victoria starts her daily routine at six in the morning to have breakfast with her little son, Noah, and go to her office, where, as a lawyer, she helps people in need.

  • With EU support, the School in Baltata village, Criuleni district, switched from gas to biofuel produced by a local entrepreneur Mar 15, 2017

    Founded early in the XX century by Ukrainians who had migrated from the Western Ukraine and bought land to a local landholder, the Baltata village in Criuleni district has about 2,000 inhabitants. Given the growing number of the population and the need to maintain a large school, the local government decided in 2011 to apply for the European funds of the Energy and Biomass Project and installed a 220 kW pellet heating plant.

  • Moldova woman councillor slows traffic and saves lives Mar 8, 2017

    After Veronica Spânachi’s husband was killed in a car accident in front of their home, she vowed to make her town’s roads safer so others would not face a similar tragedy. A UN Programme “Women in Politics” supported National Mentorship Programme for Women Councillors, called Inspir-o! helped her to fulfil her vow.

  • The secret of a successful career is to be found in Syslab Center, Comrat Mar 6, 2017

    One out of ten young people in the Republic of Moldova is unemployed. “This is what official statistics show. In reality, I think their number is much higher. Even the young people who have found a job feel unemployed in a way, as they have to work for a ridiculously low salary and precarious conditions.

  • From where I stand: “Fed up with the harassment, I appealed to the media” Feb 28, 2017

    Tatiana Covalciuc returned to Moldova to start a business, but faced corruption. Today she aims to set up support structures for returning migrants. “The local authorities looked at us, as if we were money bags, not people, when my husband and I tried to register our first business in our home town, Soroca, in Moldova. From unsolicited inspections to raids by the police, there were no limits to the corruption.

  • From where I stand: Maia Țaran Dec 5, 2016

    Just seeing how he opened the door and threw his boots up in the air, I knew how the rest of the night was going to be like. I hated everyone; I trusted no one. I tried to kill myself three times. My daughter Ana, who was in the third grade asked me, ‘do you think that we are going to be better off if you die?’

  • Away from home, but volunteers Dec 5, 2016

    According to official estimates, more than a quarter of the workforce of Moldova currently lives and works abroad. Although migrants are a major source of income for the domestic economy, it is considered that massive exodus of people hinders the overall development of the country, and rural communities in particular.

  • Moldova: The Orhei National Park – from neglect to World Heritage recognition Nov 23, 2016

    Not long ago, the Republic of Moldova – lacking both mountains and coastlines - was considered to be bereft of tourist attractions. Even its own people did not really realize that there is an exceptional cultural-natural treasury right in the middle of the country, just 50 km from the capital city.

  • It takes a village: Pensioners demand justice in Moldova Nov 22, 2016

    Valentina Chernenchi is approaching retirement age but is worried about her pension. According to official records, she has another seven years of service, whereas in reality, she has been working for much longer.

  • Women Mayors from Moldova learn about models of good practices from the North of the country Oct 31, 2016

    30 women mayors and councillors in the first, second or third term from all over the country participated in the last study visit in Fundurii Vechi village, Glodeni district. This visit is the last in a series of exchanges of experience, aimed at strengthening the leadership skills of women mayors in local public administration.