• “Poienita” kindergarten from Cornesti town switched to green energy thanks to European Union assistance Feb 12, 2018

    This winter is different for the residents of Cornesti town. Children are no longer freezing or inhaling coal smoke to heat the kindergarten. The community replaced the obsolete heating system with a modern and ecological one.

  • A bridge connecting "two banks of the Nistru River", fully renovated with the EU support Feb 8, 2018

    A modern bridge renovated with European funds put an end to the long-standing problems challenging the communities of Hirbovat, Anenii Noi district, and Proteagailovca, a suburb of Bender.

  • In “the biggest village in Europe”: a single mother develops a profitable business from ethno-tourism Dec 8, 2017

    Ana Statova, a single mother of two, has recently become a local celebrity in the Gagauzia region of Moldova. News about the traditional touristic complex “Gagauz Sofrasi” built in the village of Congaz has traveled fast. Ambitiously named “the biggest village in Europe”, Congaz is proud of the complex reproduces the setting and charm of traditional peasant houses: stoves with heated beds, small wooden windows, small wall-rugs and traditional carpets made of natural wool.

  • Buckwheat and almonds are the new raw materials for Moldovan briquettes Dec 5, 2017

    For the time being, renewable energy is the only opportunity for the Republic of Moldova to diversify its sources of energy supply and to improve its energy security.

  • “Now I say: I will fight for my rights !” Nov 29, 2017

    Ecaterina is one of 15 persons, following a six months internship in UN Moldova within a big Diversity Internships Program for people most vulnerable to human Rights violations, and therefore, underrepresented in the national and international labor market.

  • A Pill for Life Nov 22, 2017

    The alarm ‘wakes up’ Elena six times a day. It’s been happening for four years since she found out she was seropositive. “I am horrified to forget to take the antiretroviral medicine, so I set the hours when I have to drink my pill on two alarm clocks and on my phone. For a long time, and still, I cannot believe my infection was transmitted from the man I trusted most”, said Elena, a 32-year old woman from Chisinau.

  • From where I stand: “I am different, but that doesn’t mean that I should be condemned” Nov 15, 2017

    Olga Berdeu, 50, is a woman with disabilities from Chisinau, the capital of Moldova, who attended UN Women’s "We have abilities, we want possibilities!" initiative, which aims to strengthen the leadership skills of women with disabilities in the Republic of Moldova.

  • Green energy reaches to the Lastarel kindergarten from Falesti Nov 6, 2017

    Winter will mean warmth and comfort for 140 children from Falesti town, as their kindergarten benefits from hot water generated by solar panels and heating from biomass energy thanks to the European Union’s investments.

  • Government and old people from Moldova say yes to active ageing Oct 4, 2017

    A ‘Learning Centre’ for older persons in Bahrinesti village. Where they can dance, learn to use a computer and will spend the time in the most interesting and useful way for everyone

  • A beekeeper is “taming bees” in Moldova Sep 8, 2017

    He turned beekeeping, a traditional family occupation, into an innovative business. This is a story of a young engineer from Causeni who was always pushing to modernize beekeeping.

  • Story of green energy in Moldova must go on! Aug 14, 2017

    270 children from ‘Povestea’ kindergarten in Nisporeni are living a fairy-tale. They have access to an abundant amount of hot water heated by solar collectors. During winter time, they will also enjoy warm rooms heated with biomass energy. This switch to green technologies was possible with funding from the European Union offered as part of the Energy and Biomass Project.

  • The equipment that comes to life due to the passion to innovate Aug 8, 2017

    Moldova Innovation Challenge Scheme (MICS) is an open grant competition that rewards innovative ideas, out-of-the-box solutions and visionary entrepreneurs from Moldova. Nicolae Oleinic is one of them.

  • Villagers join forces to bring clean water to rural Moldova Jul 31, 2017

    Ecaterina Chiciuc is 60 years old. She has lived in this village, Slobozia Mare, since she got married at 20. Since that time, she has been carrying water to her house from a well in her neighborhood. Her daughter and grandchildren have shared the same burden for the entirety of their lives. In most rural communities, it is the women who are responsible for the water supply in the household.

  • Spreading the word: young people should benefit from free contraceptives in the Republic of Moldova May 23, 2017

    “Over the years, I’ve noticed a positive change in young people’s attitude towards their sexual and reproductive health and rights. They are less ashamed nowadays to claim quality sexual and reproductive healthcare services and claim their rights to be fulfilled in this regard”, says Dr. Svetlana Moroz, the Head of Youth Friendly Health Centre from Cimislia rayon of the Republic of Moldova.

  • Returning home: a little support for a safe reintegration May 1, 2017

    Valeriu Filimon from Coscalia, Causeni district, has spent a long period working abroad. Although married with two children, he used to return home only twice a year. Despite earning enough money to support his family, Valeriu felt that distance kept him away from his family.