World Environment Day – more and more popular in Chisinau

The World Environment Day became an expected occasion in the Republic of Moldova. The program with resting in hammocks, music on vinyl records selected by DJ Gonzo, exhibitions, making clay pots and decorations from recyclable objects, balancing on a rope, tourism workshops, excursions to the Botanical Garden greenhouses, yard sale with natural products, concert of Via Daca band gathered on Saturday, 2 June, over 2000 people in the Botanical Garden.

The World Environment Day related festival was organized by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture, Regional Development and Environment, Association of Environment and Ecological Tourism Journalists, Botanical Garden and Public Association “Ecospectru”.

The most suggestive drawings about nature of children thorough Moldova were exhibited and awarded during this event, as part of the contest “Nature via Children’s Eyes”, organized by the Botanical Garden.

The host of this event has also organized guided excursions to its greenhouses – less accessible spaces for visitors during ordinary days, with species of plants from the tropical and subtropical areas of the Earth.

Victor Galusca, State Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture, Regional Development and Environment, present during the event, noted: “In the context of the World Environment Day, this kind of events aims to inform people and draw their attention to environmental problems and to increase the awareness about the need to protect natural resources.”

During the tourism workshops organized by the Ecological Movement in Moldova, the participants learned how to equip a touristic rest stop, how to install a tent, and about sanitation rules.

The colleagues from the Society for Birds’ and Nature’s Protection together with the participants of the event have followed through binoculars the birds from the Botanical Garden and the Association of Women for Environment Protection and Sustainable Development organized a landscape photo making workshop.

A high level of popularity was registered as well for the clay pot making workshops guided by the craftsmen Stoica Alena and Simion, as well as the “Red Rooster” workshop organized together with Vasiluta Vasilache for making decorations and toys from used plastic materials, and “Hai Moldova” Association has recycled T-shirts which were transformed into bags.

At its turn, the “Life Tree” Association organized an eco-quest, an installation with exhibits from waste and representation of the number of years needed for the respective waste to get decomposed.

Fun lovers had the possibility to balance on a rope, to fight on a field with stacks of minced paper and to dance. Those who preferred more intimacy have walked around the Botanical Garden, listened to good music in hammocks and on the carpets from the picnic area.

Dj Gonzo has chosen for the Environment Day an elevated repertory - jazz, funk and electronics, and the evening has culminated in a concert with Via Daca band, known for their “Paparuda” song. It is a band loved by the environment supporters, which combined folk and mythology.

The World Environment Day is celebrated annually on the 5th of June. The topic for 2018 is “Beat Plastic Pollution” and the slogan of the event organized in Chisinau was “Inform Yourself, Love, and Live!”