– an online platform with registers, diaries and electronic timetables – was made public – an online platform for schools – was made available to the public on the 24th of September 2019 at Tekwill. Simpals Company designed the platform with the support and involvement of the United Nations Development Programme and Tekwill.

The platform provides the students, parents and teachers with the possibility to use the registers, diaries and electronic timetables, to create personal pages and to assess school performance in a convenient and accessible format. is a very interesting platform; it is one of a kind on our market. It will certainly increase the level of quality and efficiency of the educational process connecting at the same time children, teachers and parents,” stated Dumitru Vasilescu, Policy Specialist, UNDP Moldova.

The design team described the functional possibilities offered and the advantages of digitalizing the educational process.

The general director of Simpals, Dmitri Volosin, emphasized that the implementation of technologies in education provides new possibilities to increase the quality of studies in the Republic of Moldova. This platform will eliminate many difficulties faced daily by teachers, students and parents. The electronic diaries are implemented already in 80% of the European countries. was successfully piloted in several schools from the Chisinau. One of these is the Theoretic High School “Mircea Eliade”. Grigore Vasilache, the director of the institution, believes that will help the teachers reduce the paperwork.

The deputy director of the International School Heritage, Inga Chiosa, mentioned: “We think that the electronic diaries and registers are already a necessity. These ensure communication and transparency between parents and teachers, and most important, establish a trustful relation between them. It makes the students more active, able to appreciate themselves and be more responsible.”

The Principal of High School “Alexandr Puskin”, Oxana Abramova, shared her experience in using the system: “We have started using the diaries about six months ago. It was hard work: we had to input the names, grades and simply get used to the existence of these diaries. We live in an IT era, and a modern person should have basic competences and skills to use such technologies. We have to move forward and never stagnate; this was the reason why we have joined this project.” will add more functionalities:

  • Studii Edu: platform with online courses from school curricula. Every student who skipped a lesson will have the possibility to study, obtain knowledge and even send individual works to the teacher.
  • Studii Safe: service, which will send a notification to parents when children arrive and leave the school. The notifications will be sent instantly via push-notifications in the application.