Street artists from Chisinau, Tiraspol and Kharkiv met at the Urban Generation Fest

Representatives of such street art culture as Graffiti, Hip-hop, DJ-ing, Breakdance, Streetball, Parkour, and Riders from Chisinau and Kharkiv (Ukraine) joined on Sunday their peers from Tiraspol at the Urban Generation Fest. The event was funded by the European Union through the Support to Confidence Building Measures Programme implemented by the UNDP.

Urban Generation brought on same stage the diversity of street culture, joining energies of dancers, artists, DJs, and riders. The event aimed to show off the diversity of modern street art expressions from both banks of the Nistru River. The first one was held in Chisinau on 19th of May.

“At the first such event held in Chisinau in May, I was amazed to see so many talented young people and so much positive energy and dynamism. Synergies from both banks come first from people. I am pleased to see the same talented young street art lovers from both banks for this second event support by the EU”, mentioned the EU Ambassador to the Republic of Moldova, Peter Michalko.

Veaceslav Bejenar, event manager, says he has been cherishing the idea of such a festival for several years. “Modern culture knows no age, gender differences or social status; it’s open for everyone and thus attracts more and more people. Today, people use the term ‘street culture’ to identify practically all youth movements beyond academic standards in art, or official sports and other traditional activities,” says Veaceslav Bejenar.

The public was overwhelmed by the diversity of styles. “I should admit I have had certain prejudices about these activities. Now I see they are wonderful guys, who spend their free time meaningfully and usefully,” mentioned Alena Solovei, a local from Tiraspol.

The sixteen-year-old Egor Kucherenko, a local from Tiraspol, goes in for BMX (Bicycle Moto eXtreme), in other words – extreme biking. “When I was 10, my father bought me a bicycle. I transformed it to make it look very much like a BMX (a bike for extreme riding), and little by little I learned to jump down stairs. It is a way to forget for a while about virtual communication and to dedicate this time to a live communication,” says Egor.

According to Alexander Sovkov, a graffiti artist from Chisinau, the festival is interesting because it combines three different activities. “It is sports, arts and communication, a unique environment for youth. I do not know any analogy to such event, which could unite such target audience from both banks of the Nistru. It is an exceptional project, indeed,” says Alexander.

The festival was organized by the NGO “Innovative Development and Support to Social Activities” in partnership with NGO Vitality, NGO “Fund for Development of Artistic Groups” and NGO “Urban Spirit”. This is one of the 30 partnerships funded by the EU under the Support to Confidence Building Measures Programme implemented by the UNDP.