Motivational posters for elections created by young artists at VotART

Today, September 13, the Electoral Art Lab VotART started. The event is dedicated to young people who are talented at drawing or graphic illustration, who have registered to participate in VotART and committed to creating motivational posters for the 20 October 2019 elections. Among the participants there are students from rural areas, as well as experienced graphic artists.


The young people will have two working days and will work in teams of two people. On Sunday, September 15, on the International Democracy Day, the jury will choose the 3 most motivational posters, and the winning teams will get prizes:


· Prize I and II – Smart watches

· Prize III – Wireless headphones


The other participants will get a consolation prize.


The chairperson of the Central Electoral Commission, Dr. Dorin Cimil, said: “In recent years, CEC is trying to motivate voters through innovative and creative methods. In this regard, young people are the ones who have powerful things to say. Those of you who are here today have the mission to convey civic messages through the art you create. May you have inspiration and a lot of imagination in the coming days so that together we can convince citizens about the importance of participating in the electoral processes.”


Dima Al-Khatib, Resident Representative, UNDP Moldova, noted: “Our goal for the next three days is to enable young artists and designers to interact, enhance their creative potential and receive valuable guidance and insights from the experienced mentors to develop user-friendly and visually-appealing graphic materials that would motivate people and help them reflect on their civic roles and take the opportunities for active civic engagement”.


The three posters designated the most inspirational will reach the polling stations in the localities of the Republic of Moldova, for the October 2019 elections. All posters shall be displayed at a public exhibition organized in Stefan cel Mare Park and at the MallDova Shopping Centre.


The Electoral Art Lab VotART was organised by the Central Electoral Commission within the framework of the Project “Enhancing democracy in Moldova through inclusive and transparent elections”, implemented by the UNDP Moldova and funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), British Embassy in Chisinau through the Good Governance Fund and Embassy of the Netherlands through Matra Programme.


Contact for media: tel. 068176611, Eva Bounegru, Project Manager, UNDP Moldova