Innovative irrigation systems boost productivity of Moldovan orchards

Two Moldovan orchards use innovative and modern irrigation systems, installed with the support of the Government of Romania, provided via a project implemented by the UNDP.

One farmer that benefits from the project is from Criuleni and the other one is from Floreni, Ungheni.

“The systems are based on the conversion of solar energy, which is green and safe for the environment. Such approach of the project is unique in its nature as, in addition to introducing innovative research technologies in one of the most important sectors of the country – the agriculture, it brings the academia, the private sector and the development partners together, and address technological constraints to unlock cost-efficient production”, noted Stefan Liller, UNDP Deputy Resident Representative.

The installed systems are being integrated with intelligent and interactive control instruments, allowing to manage irrigation, fertilization and phytosanitary treatment application processes simultaneously. The mechanisms were individually tailored, based on the scientific consideration of the plots’ climate and geographic characteristics and come to demonstrate to other producers the advantage of transitioning to renewable energy sources.

"Photovoltaic panels were installed around the orchard, with them we get the solar energy and turn it into electricity and we can irrigate an area of 10 ha of orchard by drop", said Anatol Placinta, agricultural producer, Ungheni district

"An 11-kW power source has been installed in the irrigation system, we have to test it for production, with it we can save about 30% of the water used for irrigation and thus increase the crop yield", notes Mihai Cojuhari, director of an enterprise from Criuleni.

The project was funded by the Romanian Government and co-financed by the Technical University of Moldova, implemented by the United Nations Development Programme, in partnership with Moldova-Fruct Association and Moldova Agroindbank.