The Government of Moldova approved new measures to promote employment

New measures for improving the situation on the country’s labour market have been approved today by the government of Moldova. The new law promotes prevention and reduction of unemployment, increasing the employment rate and vocational training of unemployed people in line with labour market needs. To facilitate integration into the labour market, the draft law envisages a series of measures, including career guidance, pre-dismissal services, introducing on-the-job training for unemployed people without qualification and vocational internship for people without experience, especially for youth.

Some of these measures are already supported by the International labour Organization (ILO) in the Republic of Moldova, such as the on-the-job training programme, successfully piloted last year.

The draft law also provides for subsidising workplaces for people at risk of social exclusion. The subsidy is calculated on a monthly basis, accounting for 30% of the average salary for a period of six months for every unemployed person who gets hired. Employers creating or adjusting workplaces for persons with disabilities will also benefit from targeted support.

The document reflects a new approach to employment in the labour market of Moldova. The approach is based on the involvement and participation of job seekers and employers in implementing the measures.

ILO is committed to promote youth employment and to activate school-to-work transition. It provides support for the implementation of the national employment policy, contributing to continuous, inclusive, and sustainable economic growth. The organization works towards decent work for all, in line with the Goal 8 of the United Nations Sustainable Development Agenda 2030. The draft law was developed with ILO support in line with the European employment policy practices and will be sent to the Parliament for review.