The best media professionals who promote gender equality have been awarded

UN Women Moldova and the Association of Independent Press (API) have awarded journalists who professionally address gender issues. The award ceremony took place within the Media Forum 2018, which was organized during 29-30 November.

The prize winners were nominated as a result of a public contest where journalists, photojournalists from the print media, radio, TV, online could participate by submitting their journalistic materials that reflect gender equality.

The contest was part of the “Click for Gender Equality” Media Programme, run by UN Women and API during August - December 2018. Journalistic materials were accepted into three distinct categories, depending on the media platform. The applications were evaluated by a jury formed of gender equality and media experts, civil society representatives, on the basis of a number of criteria and respect for gender equality principles.

“You, as media, as one of the most important actor of the society, you shape the future of the country. By making one small Click, you can help the public to realize that women are not only victims, women are not only servants, women are not the problems. Women are playing a huge and important role in the society and you can create a space, so that this is visible and recognized. You can create a better and an equal future for Moldova.”

Thus, in the press and online media category, the main prize was offered to Natalia Porubin from the portal, second place - Valeria Dumitriu from the portal, and the third prize was offered to two journalists: Cristina Cucoş from and Marcela Zămosteanu from

In the audio-visual media (TV and radio), the top media professionals sensible to gender equality are the following: 1st place - Natalia Sergheev, Radio Free Europe, 2nd place - Doina Salcuţan, TVR Moldova, 3rd place - Ion Gnatiuc,

Two awards for the best photos from the perspective of gender equality were also offered: 1st place - Dmitrii Vosimeric from the Defense Ministry's Defense Media Center, 2nd place - Tatiana Beghiu,

The winners of each category received the “Click for Gender Equality” media trophy in the form of a bronze statuette, representing gender equality, and all the laureates of the contest received various prizes.