Career guidance for youth with a new mobile application: ILO trains the National Employment Agency in Moldova

20 representatives of the National Employment Agency (NEA) and its territorial subdivisions participate in a two-day training programme on 15-16 November, 2018 in Chisinau. The training will focus on modern career guidance techniques and the use of a new mobile application designed for young people. The app will assist youth in identifying their work values, skills and attitude and in getting informed about the labour market as they are looking for work or wish to improve their professional perspectives.

The ILO guide „Surfing the Labour Market: Job search skills for young people” is a tool used in various countries worldwide. The guide has been adapted to the context of the Republic of Moldova by the representatives of Career Guidance Centres and the NEA, with the support of the ILO Project „Promotion of Youth Employment”, financed by the Government of the Czech Republic. It was converted into an interactive mobile application, which will be launched to assist youngsters in the coming days.

“The project aims to generate employment opportunities for youth, by offering assistance in matching their aspirations and competences with the existent opportunities and needs on the labour market. Targeted job search methods can help young people find employment in today’s increasingly competitive and asymmetric labour market. Acquiring the skills and techniques needed to plan and navigate the job search period can help during school to work transition, which is difficult for every student. They make big decisions which will have an impact on their entire lives. They need to be well-informed”, explained the ILO Project Coordinator, Ms Violeta Vrabie.

Training participants were acquainted with the career guidance guide and rehearsed practical activities suggested by the mobile application. „I am happy to learn about this guide and that the mobile application is available! These materials have a good track record; they are proven to generate positive outcomes as far as employment opportunities are concerned.  They are practical tools for young persons to make better career and educational choices”, shared one of NEA’s representatives.  

The Romanian version of the mobile application will be launched in the coming period.  It can be downloaded free of charge from GooglePlay for iOS and Android mobile systems.