A Pre- and Postnatal School opens in Tiraspol with EU support

Future parents from Tiraspol and Grigoriopol can now enjoy access to perinatal assistance. A Pre- and Postnatal School was opened at the Mother and Child Center from Tiraspol. The idea was inspired by the Health Information and Communication Center (HICC) and was implemented thanks to EU financing offered through the Support to Confidence Building Measures Programme implemented by the UNDP.

Annually, about 1, 680 women give birth at Tiraspol Mother and Child Center. At the Perinatal School three doctors: gynecologist, neonatologist and psychologist, will answer to all mothers’ and dads’ questions.

“Each trimester of pregnancy comes with new feelings, emotions and sometimes worries. Here, pregnant women will learn how to recognize changes in their body and together with their partners will understand how the fetus develops. Our school will offer credible information to future parents, in a time when everyone is so tempted to check what is the matter with their health on the Internet”, notes Lilia Onea, HICC founder.

Once a week, the school will organize sessions for pregnant women and their partners wishing to witness childbirth. Doctors will explain them the differences between natural childbirth and a Caesarean section, sources and levels of pain in labor, and how to take care of themselves and babies after giving birth.

“Classes will be conducted in a friendly, familiar set-up, so we are sure that the courses will be very popular,” ensured Natalia Slepuha, the director of the Tiraspol Mother and Child Center, at the opening of the School.  

Thanks to the EU support, a Pre- and Postnatal School already operates in Criuleni.  “On a personal note and as mentioned at the opening of the prenatal school in Criuleni two weeks ago, as a father of 4 healthy children and husband of a healthy wife, I feel privileged that everything went well for my family and believe me that I have personally experienced the importance of Pre- and Postnatal care and assistance close to the families and women's’ homes. Secondly, as representative of the EU, I am pleased to see that our support serves the real and concrete needs of the population, to improve day-to-day life for many families, such as it did for mine,” mentioned Marco Gemmer, Head of Operations Section at the EU Delegation in the Republic of Moldova.

“I am surprised. I think what I've found out here will help me avoid many mistakes, which can easily come across on the Internet,” said Alina, one of those present at the first courses delivered by the School immediately after inauguration.

The Tiraspol Perinatal School was launched in the framework of a project implemented by the Health Information and Communication Center in partnership with the Mother and Child Center from Tiraspol and Criuleni district Hospital. This cooperation was possible under the EU-funded Support to Confidence Building Measures Programme implemented by the UNDP.