Everybody needs to learn more about the UN – the Essentials

Who came up with the name “United Nations”? Which country hosts the largest number of refugees? What disease did the UN help to eradicate in 1979? Where was the first UN peacekeeping mission?

Just because we work at the UN doesn’t mean we automatically know about the Organization’s history and its current work.

The Department of Public Information this month launched the Essential UN (https://www.un.org/en/essential-un/), a multimedia website that shows you where we, as the international community, started and where we are headed.

Read about our story, watch videos explaining all things UN from peacekeeping to development goals, explore our news sites and check out key dates, click on any of the UN social media sites – and test your knowledge of the UN with 12 fun quizzes (and no, they do not count as continued learning credit on your ePass).

The page is available anywhere that you have internet connection, so use this page to teach your family and friends about our work, and share it on your social media.

Whether you’re eyeing retirement or just starting as an intern, take a moment to learn about the UN!