Press releases

  • Employers to receive subsidies for employing persons with disabilities and unemployed from vulnerable groups Jul 8, 2019

    Two programs to facilitate the employment of unemployed were launched today by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Social Protection (MHLSP) and the National Employment Agency (NEA), with the assistance of the International Labour Organization (ILO) project "Promotion of Youth Employment".

  • Moldova Electro-Marathon – the first electric cars’ expedition starts today Jul 4, 2019

    The first electric cars’ expedition started today. Nine cars of different brands and models, but with 100% electrically powered propulsion, will travel over the next 5 days a total distance of about 1,000 km each.

  • "Police bike patrolling brings us closer to people and lets our city breathe" Jul 3, 2019

    "By patrolling on a bike, we promote a healthy lifestyle. It is very important for us to be close to citizens, to respond promptly to their requests for assistance in parks areas, for example, where the access of service cars is more restricted. Patrolling on a bike allows us to hear any rustle, any movement, any noise or talk," says Marina Iordachi, commander of the police bike patrol officers from Chisinau.

  • Young filmmakers created motivational spots for elections Jun 25, 2019

    On June 25, 2019 the award ceremony of Filmmakers Camp, laboratory of ideas in the electoral field, was held. The 7 teams composed of 3 members each, have reached the finals of the competition, creating different motivational and innovative spots.

  • We asked mayor of Straseni how they are tackling corruption Jun 25, 2019

    Approximately 5 percent of the world’s annual GDP is lost to corruption. This figure is estimated to be 10 times the amount of official development assistance in developing countries. In Europe and Central Asia, 1 in 3 citizens rate corruption as one of their country’s main problems. That’s why we spoke to a mayor who is pioneering anti-corruption initiatives in her municipality — Valentina Casian (Straseni, Moldova).

  • Skills Committees for Vocational Training trained on drafting project proposals by ILO Jun 20, 2019

    Between June 12 and 15, 2019, employers’ organizations and national trade union centres participated in a training workshop on drafting project proposals in different vocational training fields. The seminar was organized by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Social Protection (MHLSP) in partnership with the International Labour Organization (ILO) project "Promotion of Youth Employment".

  • Civil society will monitor the implementation of the National Anticorruption Strategy Jun 19, 2019

    Non-governmental organizations are invited to monitor how the anticorruption action plans envisaged in the National Integrity and Anticorruption Strategy for 2017-2020 are being implemented. The monitoring results will be included in the alternative reports to be submitted to authorities, international institutions and the general public. This activity is carried out under the “Curbing Corruption and Building Sustainable Integrity in the Republic of Moldova” Project, implemented by UNDP with the financial support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs from Norway.

  • A new competition for funding innovative ideas to benefit Chisinau capital city was launched Jun 19, 2019

    UNDP launches a new grant scheme for innovative and environmentally friendly urban development solutions. The support is provided under the "Sustainable Green Cities" project, funded by the Global Environment Facility (GEF). The Chisinau City Hall is the key project partner.

  • The fourth edition of the Environment Festival in Chisinau was dedicated to the quality of air and to the reduction of its pollution Jun 10, 2019

    Hundreds of people brought collected batteries and used equipment for recycling purposes, calculated how many trees they owe the planet, checked the quality of water they drink and air they breathe, participated in workshops, learned more about environment, and even played - so they celebrated the World Day of Environment in Chisinau, at a festival which is already at its fourth edition.

  • Post-Soviet countries strengthen cooperation on agricultural trade Jun 9, 2019

    Experts in agricultural trade from 12 post-Soviet countries gather alongside state representatives beginning today in Chisinau for the fifth annual meeting of the Agricultural Trade Expert Network in Europe and Central Asia, or ATEN in short.

  • Two National Laboratories Equipped with State of the Art Technology to Prevent Cervical Cancer Jun 9, 2019

    Two national laboratories from the Republican Clinical Hospital and the Mother and Child Institute were equipped with advanced equipment for the delivery of cervical screening services. In these laboratories, important cytological and histopathological analyzes are performed on a daily basis, allowing early diagnosis of precancerous cervical lesions and proper case management, thus preventing cervical cancer in women.

  • The Law on Whistleblowers should become an efficient tool to counteract corruption Jun 3, 2019

    The Law on Whistleblowers should be enforced so as to become a tool against corruption. At the same time, the persons who disclose illegal practices occurring in the institutions in which they work should benefit from maximum protection provided by responsible authorities. This was the conclusions drawn by the participants attending a capacity development workshop organized on the 27th of May 2019 for the employees of the National Anticorruption Center (NAC) and the People’s Advocate Office, in the framework of the UNDP “Curbing Corruption by Building Sustainable Integrity in Moldova” Project.

  • Analysis: The effect of the mixed electoral system on gender equality in parliamentary elections May 28, 2019

    Today, on 28 May 2019, the Central Electoral Commission and UNDP Moldova presented the gender equality analysis of the February 2019 parliamentary elections. The data are presented in comparison with the previous elections and include the participation of women and men in electoral processes as voters, candidates, electoral officials and observers.

  • InnoVoter 2019: data visualization of financing of political parties and electoral campaigns May 27, 2019

    On May 26, 2019, the winners of the second edition of InnoVoter, creative laboratory in the electoral field, have been awarded. For three days, 30 young women and men, fond of innovations, have created prototypes to visualize data on financing of political parties and electoral campaigns.

  • InnoVoter, second edition: Young people designing data visualization platform on financing political parties and electoral campaigns May 24, 2019

    On May 24, 2019, the second edition of InnoVoter, creative laboratory in the electoral field, has been launched. 30 young men and women fond of IT innovations are attending the event, having the mission to create an interface to visualize data on the financing of political parties and electoral campaigns.