Moldova engages in wide consultations of its 2030 National Development Strategy

Moldova launches wide consultations process for the development of the 2030 National Development Strategy, aligned with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and the Republic of Moldova-European Union Association Agreement. The strategic planning document is being developed under the leadership of the State Chancellery, with support of the United Nations in Moldova and the Swiss Cooperation in Moldova.

The draft strategy can be commented via a dedicated landing page. Also, 10 working groups, corresponding to the respective dimensions around which the strategy will be built, meant to improve people’s lives, were established. The groups include representatives of the central and local public administration authorities, academics and business, development partners and civil society organizations.

Their meetings are open and broadcast live, including on Facebook, most popular social media network in Moldova.

This new strategy represents a visionary document that will trace the development path of the country until 2030.

After the adoption of Moldova 2030 Strategy, each ministry will re-evaluate and adjust the sectorial strategic planning framework, the number of policy documents being reduced, while improving their quality and relevance.

The UN in Moldova has also supported the interim evaluation of the 2020 Strategy and contributes to the nationalization process of the Sustainable Development Goals. The Republic of Moldova has committed to achieving 106 targets for a better life by 2030.

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