MConnect Platform – quick, simple and free access to public services

As of 2014, the Electronic Governance Centre is piloting the data exchange and interoperability platform MConnect, as a technical solution that ensures the exchange of data between information systems administered by ministries, central public authorities subordinated to the Government and organizations from the same area of competences, regardless the period of their establishment.

It is estimated that in the period 2017-2019, 8.2 million lei will be saved because of free exchange of data among institutions. Due to this platform, citizens will benefit from quick, simple and free access to the services provided by public institutions.

Up to now, 65 integration projects have been initiated and 27 central public authorities are already exchanging data via MConnect Platform. Both the integration of the IT systems and the exchange of data between institutions are free of charge. By now, the institutions that already exchange data via MConnect are able to demonstrate the benefits for the final consumer.

One of the tested services was „e-Indemnizatii” (e-Indemnity) provided by the National House for Social Insurance. In the specific case of this service the administrative burden decreased by 29% for the final consumer as he/she is no longer obliged to visit the Service Provider’s Office but can submit the documents online.

The Central Electoral Commission also benefits from data exchange with other institutions via MConnect Platform, by updating a series of data from the State Register of Voters in real time especially during the period of elections.

Protection of personal data is respected and represents a priority of the governmental interoperability platform. The information accessed and the user’s actions in the system are strictly tracked. MConnect Platform cannot be accessed via internet and the exchange of data is encrypted, thus high protection against any cyber-attacks being ensured.

UNDP is one of the main development partners of the E-Government Center and offers support in the development of the legal and regulatory framework on data exchange and interoperability of the digital content of state information registers. Until today, the National Center for Personal Data Protection, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration, the Ministry of Justice and other line-ministries and public authorities have endorsed the draft law on data exchange and interoperability that will regulate the use of MConnect Interoperability Platform.

Similar data exchange and interoperability models exist in many developed countries while the Moldovan Platform is based on the Belgian model that is considered one of the most efficient in the EU and around the world.