Moldovan experience of trust consolidation between the two banks of Nistru river, in sight of EaP Series

The European Neighbourhood Council (ENV), a Brussels based think tank, organized debates dedicate to the role of cooperation in the field of protracted conflicts from Georgia and Moldova.

The discussion was organized prior to a conference dedicated to the strategic advantages and limitations of the EU, UNDP, donors and development partners vis-à-vis protracted conflicts. The event was hosted by the Mission of Switzerland to the European Union in cooperation with UNDP.

The discussion was moderated by the ENC Head Researcher for Eastern Europe & Central Asia Andreas Marazis and was with Ms. Dafina Gercheva, UN Resident Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative in Moldova and Mr. Niels Scott, UN Resident Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative in Georgia.

UNDP faithfully follows the guidelines set up by the Sustainable Development Goals and is involved in various capacity building projects together with other donors such as the EU in an effort to strengthening the collaboration and the dialogue between the two banks of Nistru river. UNDP confidence building programmes focuses on the engagement of youth and women via different cooperation platforms.

The In-Depth discussion is part of ENC’s EaP Series of interviews and podcast meetings dedicated to developments in the Eastern Partnership area in the fields of Security, Foreign Policy, Economy, Democracy and Education.

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