“Yes, I code” – GirlsGoIT shared their stories at the biggest ICT event in Moldova


At the largest tech conference in Moldova, ICT Summit, girls from GirlsGoIT spoke about how they managed to break stereotypes about women in IT and succeeded as programmers, engineers, and IT students.

The discussion panel members included IT student Mihaela Tcaci, GirlsGoIT’s ambassador and student at the Technical University of Moldova - Ana Cucoș, IT student who also works as an engineer at a radio station - Alvetina Nenița, programmer and IT professor - Anastasia Şerşun, Alex Arnaut from FFW Agency, and UN Women Moldova’s Programme Specialist - Corneliu Eftodi.

Alvetina Nenița shared that she chose to study technology despite the skepticism of her parents and members of the Roma community.

“I chose this degree spontaneously, without talking to my family. They thought I would choose a specialty “for girls,” something “easier.” When my father heard the news, he asked: “Can you handle it?” The same attitude I felt from the boys from the Roma community and from my classmates. Now they know that I can do it. Girls, dare and you’ll succeed.”

Now Alvetina is a third-year student at the Technical University of Moldova, and an engineer at a national radio station.

Anastasia Şerşun is a programmer and a professor at the Technical University of Moldova. She decided to teach IT because she wanted to give students practical knowledge. Since her mother also studied technology, Anastasia’s choice was not hard.

“My workmates often ask me whether I really work as a programmer. They can’t believe it. But I really do not understand why a woman is often considered less capable. It has nothing to do with gender.”

Another speaker was Alex Arnaut, director of the tech company FFW Agency. Alex and his team decided to support the advancement of girls in this sector and offered two internships in their company for the girls from GirlsGoIT.

“We want to encourage women to take a step further. In Moldova, we see a lot of talent that needs to be discovered,” claimed Alexandru. He adds that there are also personal reasons: he has four sisters who inspire him to support women.

Ultimately, the final message of the discussion panel was that girls and women can have successful careers in IT and should be supported.

GirlsGoIT is an initiative that empowers girls through technology, run by UN Women Moldova, TEKEDU, eGovernment Center, Novateca, and other partners.