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  • May 1, 2018

    A modern dental imaging center opened in Soldanesti, with EU support

    With a modern dental imaging center, the path to a healthy smile has become more accessible for Soldanesti inhabitants. Hundreds of patients from the left bank of the Nistru River can also benefit from its services. This business belongs to a graduate of the Medical University and was launched with the EU assistance in the framework of the Support to Confidence Building Measures Programme, implemented by the UNDP.

  • Mar 26, 2018

    Supported by the European Union, the first development center for children was opened in Ceadir-Lunga town

    She has worked 40 years as a teacher at a kindergarten, and now she manages her own successful business. It is Natalia Petis’s story from Ceadir-Lunga, who opened the first development and recreation center for children in her home town.

  • Mar 19, 2018

    Welcome to the kindergarten where dreams come true

    Only yesterday, 35 children from Balabanu village, Taraclia district, regardless of their age and the language they talk, were huddling together in one small room, while the rule stipulates a maximum of 20 in a group. Now, with the EU support, the kindergarten has been fully rehabilitated and children have better education conditions.

  • Mar 16, 2018

    EU support: a young man from Tiraspol produces unusual chargers for mobile telephones

    A charger for mobile telephones can also be an element of decoration, if produced in the workshop owned by Ivan Hodacovschi, a young man from Tiraspol, who could start up his business owing to an European Union (EU) grant.




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