Joint Programme Promoting Confidence in the Health Sector (Phase 1)

Project Summary:

The project aims to create access to quality, evidence-based and cost efficient mother and child health care, including perinatal care and immunization on the left bank of the Nistru river. The project was implemented by UNDP, UNICEF, WHO and funded by European Union, and Swiss Development Cooperation Agency.

Project Outcomes:

  • New-borns and mothers from Transnistria region benefit from qualitative integrated services during the antenatal, intra-, and post-partum periods(Component 1: Support for the Perinatal Care System); and
  • Vaccine coverage and immunization rates for traditional and new vaccines under GAVI graduation conditions improved (Component 2: Immunizations).


  • Over 5,400 people (new-borns and their mothers), or 216% vs target, have directly benefited from improved healthcare services and infrastructure in Rybnita, Grigoriopol, Slobozia, Bender and Tiraspol perinatal institutions
  • Equipment for 5 perinatal institutions from TN region was provided in:
  1. 2013 - European Union provided medical equipment in the amount of 155,000 USD;
  2. 2014 - SDC provided 178 items per 29 categories of equipment in the amount of 418,108 USD;
  3. 2015 - additional emergency and perinatal equipment was procured and provided by SDC in the amount of 178,000 USD (89 items per 18 categories).
  4. Basic trainings for the efficient operation of the equipment to relevant professional and technical staff from Ribnita, Grigoriopol, Slobozia, Tiraspol and Bender perinatal institutions was provided, ensuring as well technical maintenance of the provided equipment.
  • Refurbishing of Rybnita, Slobozia and Grigoriopol perinatal centres conducted.
  • Comprehensive capacity development support provided to professionals from the healthcare sector, including:
  1. 95% of professional staff trained in obstetrical and new-born emergency training courses;
  2. 100% professionals from Tiraspol (third referral level institution) and Bender (second referral level institution) perinatal centres trained in Effective Perinatal care;
  3. 85% health professionals from Slobozia district improved their counselling skills for smoking cessation and strengthening the healthy behaviours during the pregnancy, as well as 40% of health professionals from Tiraspol.
  • Vaccine coverage and immunization rates for traditional and new/underutilized vaccines (NUVI) under GAVI graduation conditions improved.
  • Cold chain system strengthened, so that adequate quantity of vaccines is available at all times in all health facilities, and 100% of administered vaccines maintain their full potency. Equipment delivered to Tiraspol, Bender, Slobozia, Grigoriopol, Dubasari, Ribnita, and Camenca hospitals.
  • 90% of children under two years old will benefit from the immunization programme.
  • To all perinatal centres and primary health care facilities were distributed informational materials regarding: danger signs in pregnancy, promotion of exclusive breastfeeding, Baby friendly Hospitals principles, and harm of smoking during the pregnancy and for new- born baby.


European Union 500,000 €
Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC) 1,506,920 USD