The future is yours

campanie ilo

“The future is yours” - this is the slogan of anew information campaign launched for the young people of Moldova,

Are you a young person and are you looking for job?

Are you entering the labour market for the first time?

Do you have high job and wage expectations that remain largely unfulfilled due to the lack of information on career prospects?

Just for You, the International Labor Organization (ILO) project “Promotion of Youth Employment”, in collaboration with the Government of the Republic of Moldova and the National Employment Agency launched an information and raising awareness campaign to address mainly the above issues and many others that interest you.

The campaign will last for one month and will include broadcasting of video and audio spots, dissemination of printed information materials and releasing a range of thematic radio broadcasts.  There will also be organized the radio platform that will offer you the possibility to learn various information about the present situation on the labor market, advice on how to make a correct choice of the future profession, where to study and how to choose the favorite profession.

Participating in our campaign will enable you to get better informed about the importance of taking a correct decision with respect to the future profession, navigate through the world of professions and opportunities and find the one that is most suitable for you, as well as to find out the most demanded professions on the labor market of Moldova.