E-learning Platform for local elected officials


There are approx. 12,000 local elected officials – mayors and councilors in Moldova and approx. half of them enter public service for the first time after local elections. Introducing this large pool of newly elected officials in the peculiarities of public administration is imperative, but also costly and time consuming. After supporting three nation-wide induction-training programs of all local elected officials, UNDP looked into an alternative and more efficient means of providing that much needed training. Hence, UNDP partnered with the Academy of Public Administration, the main public institution responsible for training public servants and elected officials, and developed an e-learning platform for training newly elected officials.

The first training available on the e-learning platform is dedicated to newly elected officials and includes modules on local decision-making process, induction in the main regulations and procedures to be followed, management of public finance and local services. The participants can also learn about public communication and transparency, project writing, strategic planning and ethics in public service. The Academy of Public Administration administers and ensures the sustainability of the e-learning platform and the trainings available on it.

The local elected officials can access the e-learning platform online at http://aap.gov.md/ro/acasa-e-learning, can register and take the training from their personal computers whenever their agenda allows. They can also interact with their peers and teachers, take part in video conferences and forums, and access additional learning materials and official documents available on the platform.