According to some estimates, shadow economy in Moldova makes up to 44% of GDP. This is caused by the avoidance of the payment of social security contributions, avoidance of payment income taxes, value-added, and other taxes.

We at UNDP believe there is always room for improvement through innovative approaches. This is why MiLab (a joint program of UNDP Moldova and E-Government Center) with the financial support of the British Embassy, lunched the ÎmiPasă platform. A new reporting tool that is based on two key tenets of social innovation: civic engagement and technology/IT solutions. We are sure that will create a stronger connection between citizens and public institutions. will allow citizens to report irregularities taking place in the society and it will create stronger bonds between citizens and public institutions.   

The reporting process is simple and accessible:

  1. The user will report a fraud directly on
  2. The responsible state institution will examine the request.
  3. The responsible state institution will publish the current status of the complaint.

This platform offers a mechanism for a direct communication between citizens and public institutions. Thus through responsible actions we can build a just society, with engaged citizens.


Help us build a responsible society, get involved!