My Career

A recent World Bank study has revealed that 39% of undergrads in their final year, 43% of college graduates and 52% of vocational school graduates do not have a clear idea on where do they see themselves by the age of 30. In December 2014, MiLab project organized a crowdsourcing campaign in which young people, parents and teachers across the country have submitted their ideas online on "How schools can develop skills useful in life?”. Many students and graduates told us that young people need a better career guidance while still in school. After a series of consultations on this subject with students, teachers, psychologists and specialists in vocational guidance, the „” portal was created.

CarieraMea is an online platform for professional guidance and orientation for children and youth. The project is focused on the needs of students between the age of 11 and 18, and is designed to give them the opportunity to take well-informed decisions about their future career path. The portal was developed by MiLab (a joint UNDP Moldova and E-Governance Centre project) and the Republican Children and Youth Center (ARTICO) and a few volunteers. More over, ARTICO committed to take the ownership over the portal and ensure its development in the long run. Cariera Mea is a project designed through co-creation, born out of the ideas of youngsters and developed with their help.  

The choice of a future career shouldn’t be made by a random chance; lets help young people take well informed decisions about their future professional path.

If you happen to know a student of the age of 11 to 18 years, recommend him/her to use