Add women experts in the reference list for media!

Do you feel that you don’t have any good and reliable sources to write a well-documented journalistic material? Or do you know a woman whose professional experience can be useful to both you and other journalists?

Then fill in the form provided by the Association of Independent Press (API) to enrich the list of women experts in various fields. Thus, more women experts will be quoted in the press and invited in TV shows.  Of course, API will contact the expert suggested by you before being included in the database.

The database was developed under the Mass-media institutions support program in ensuring gender equality, implemented by API with the support of UN Programme “Women in Politics” and the Government of Sweden.

The list should be updated with the help of the journalists and activists. Next to experts` names, it is indicated their expertise, position held and email address at which they can be contacted.

This exercise aims to strengthen the capacities of media - print, online, TV - to promote gender equality in Moldova.