UN entities in Moldova

The resident and non-resident UN specialised agencies, funds and programmes working in Moldova form the UN Country Team, which is led by the UN Resident Coordinator.


Agency UN Country Team Representative
FAO, Food and Agriculture Organization Raimund Jehle, Representative
Tudor Robu, Deputy Representative
IAEA, International Atomic Energy Agency (no permanent staff in Moldova)
IFAD, International Fund for Agricultural Development Victor Rosca, Country Director
ILO, International Labor Organization Ala Lipciu, National Coordinator
IMF, International Monetary Fund Volodymyr Tulin, Representative
IOM, International Organization for Migration Lars Lönnback, Chief of Mission
ITC, International Trade Centre (no permanent staff in Moldova)
OHCHR, Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights Bea Ferenci, Human Rights Adviser
UN Women, UN Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women Ulziisuren Jamsran, Country   Representative
UNAIDS, Joint UN Programme on HIV/AIDS Svetlana Plamadeala, Country Manager
UNCTAD, UN Conference on Trade and Development (no permanent staff in Moldova)
UNDP, UN Development Programme Dima Al-Khatib, Resident Representative
UNFPA, United Nations Population Fund Rita Columbia, Representative
UNHCR, UN High Commissioner for Refugees (no permanent staff in Moldova)
UNICEF, UN Children’s Fund Desiree Jongsma, Representative
UNEP, UN Environment Programme (no permanent staff in Moldova)
UNECE, UN Economic Commission for Europe (no permanent staff in Moldova)
UNIDO, UN Industrial Development Organization (no permanent staff in Moldova)
UNODC, UN Office on Drugs and Crime (no permanent staff in Moldova)
WHO, World Health Organization Igor Pokanevych, Representative
WB, World Bank Anna Akhalkatsi, Country Manager


See also the Contact page to find additional details on each agency.